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Great start to Vintage 2014

Did you catch the world's Fastest Bunny? Here he is with his' ears pinned back, he's moving so fast.

Now its time to reflect on how this year started for the grapes. 

With the late rains, we’ve had a beautiful spring - the flowers and trees were stressed by the dry winter. With these rains, they literally sprung into bloom with a ton of flowers.
What does this mean for us, the wine drinking mench?

Well, vines produce their best fruit when they are stressed.  They put more effort into the fruit, and less effort into their foliage, otherwise known as their canopy.  Less foliage, more fruit.  Sounds like a potentially fantastic vintage of 2014.  Let’s see what happens!
For sure we didn’t have any late frost, nor any major storms which can knock off the fruit. This is known as ‘shatter’ - 
Warm winter also let to early start to the vines - they may be 2 weeks ‘ahead’ of schedule.
So it may be one of the best starts I have seen to a vintage.
Let’s see what the ‘experts’ say! 

Easter came and went along with this speedy bunny...

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