Sonoma Wine Shop & La Bodega

2 Locations - Sonoma & Sebastopol

A wine bar and cheese shop?

Or a wine club with it's own full dining room. Both locations are unique, warm and cozy.

Over 4,500 people get their wines from our club, and enjoy our handmade pasta, local cheese selection, and fun events. Open to the Public 5 days a week.. 

Let us send you some great wines that are almost impossible to find anywhere else! 

Cold Weather Shipping

2014 has started off with some of the coldest weather in recent memory.

We review orders and try to run them only during temperate months for far northern and far southern states.  Since each order is hand-picked and unique, we have to process one order at a time - sometimes this means that the weather doesn't cooperate when the wine is picked, processed, packed and ready to go.

We use weather underground weather maps to help determine whether it is safe to ship. Since most orders take 5 business days, we have to look ahead 5-10 days to see what is happening.  

Here's the weather map we use as part of this process.  During the depths winter and heat of summer, it can be a bit daunting to release 100 shipments into the non-air conditioned claws of our shipping companies.  If there is any heat or cold damage, let us know - the club guarantees satisfaction even if the shipping companies do not.

Sebastopol's Cozy Hideaway - Sonoma's Historic Wine Shop