Sonoma Wine Shop & La Bodega

2 Locations - Sonoma & Sebastopol

A wine bar and cheese shop?

Or a wine club with it's own full dining room. Both locations are unique, warm and cozy.

Over 4,500 people get their wines from our club, and enjoy our handmade pasta, local cheese selection, and fun events. Open to the Public 5 days a week.. 

Let us send you some great wines that are almost impossible to find anywhere else! 

How Far does your Wine Travel?

Here's a repost of my January 2007 newsletter - it calculates exactly how far a 3 year old bottle of wine travels to get to your dinner table...It didn't hurt to have learned some fun Astronomy when I was at UC. Berkeley.  When I say 'calculates exactly' - well, not that these numbers are 100% accurate - so don't use them to tell someone you'll meet them next week at a certain spot... We are waiting for that NASA research grant to fix the vector math and send a bottle out to catch up with Voyager. Want More Info?

Sebastopol's Cozy Hideaway - Sonoma's Historic Wine Shop