Sonoma Wine Shop & La Bodega

2 Locations - Sonoma & Sebastopol

A wine bar and cheese shop?

Or a wine club with it's own full dining room. Both locations are unique, warm and cozy.

Over 4,500 people get their wines from our club, and enjoy our handmade pasta, local cheese selection, and fun events. Open to the Public 5 days a week.. 

Let us send you some great wines that are almost impossible to find anywhere else! 

Sonoma's Wine & Dine Club

Bryan Cooper - Owner & Social Director

Bryan's passion for California wine started at Cal Berkeley and continues in his quest for excellent, hand made wines from small producers - many of whom now proudly provide our club with some of their best efforts.

Meekk Shelef General Manager

Meekk runs the show - her managerial expertise and her love of people help keep Sonoma Wine Shop's members happy. Meekk's experience in high tech and as a pastry chef and kosher chef help her juggle all aspects of our wine club. 

Rick Vargas - Mad Scientist of  'La Bodega'

Rick has extensive experience in the restaurant environment. French trained saucier, Rick's passion for the best food is unmatched.

Ken Malone - Wine Ambassador

Ken's passion for wine is so strong, we had to hire him over 7 years ago since he loved being in the shop so much. Since then, Ken continually works to ensure our members get the wines THEY prefer at a great price.


Experience a bit of California hospitality 

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Sonoma Wine Shop stands out in California's wine country. Going the other direction, eschewing the commercial approach or the fads, SWS has developed under owners Bryan Cooper and Meekk Shelef to provide a unique experience. 

Wine Club Staff holding still for 2 minutes

Thanks to our Members for Voting us #1 in 2013

Thanks to our Members for Voting us #1 in 2013

Sebastopol's Cozy Hideaway - Sonoma's Historic Wine Shop